Algae Control System (ACS)

Clean your water without chemicals.


Cost Savings

  • Average return on investment (ROI) is 2 years
  • Eliminate costly chemical applications
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Easy to use and maintain


Ultrasonic Technology

  • ACS installs just be neath the water surface.
  • Ultra sonic waves fan out to inhibit the growth and spread of algae.
  • Users can expect results in as few as 3-4weeksngelement. The back wash valves also feature external lubrication fittings for easy field service. In fact, the unit is totally field rebuild able.

Environmentally Safe

  • Uses no chemicals
  • Safe for fish,frogs,turtles and all types of aquatic plants
  • No EPA Certifications required


Backed by RAIN BIRD

  • Industry-leading 3-year warranty
  • Easy to use and maintain



  • 24VAC,50/60Hz,0.5Amps Max.(Compatible with any 24 volt AC low voltage lighting or irrigation power source.)
  • Range and coverage depends on location and conditions :
  • Models RBACS400:122m, upto 2 acres
  • Models RBACS500:154m, upto 6 acres
  • Models RBACS600:182m, upto 8 acres



  • Solar Panel(includes batteries)
  • Transducer extension cord with water proof connectors(30m)
  • Stainless steels led base,two stainless steel mounting poles with two brass sliding Designed for use in water sites that have liners, which should not be perforated.