Automatic Back washing Screen Filter




Minimum Maintenance: The permanent stainless steel filter screens require no maintenance. In addition to the automatic back washing cycle,the filter canisters and screens have no internal moving parts tow ea-rout,breakdown or replace.

Patented Back washing System:Powered by source line water pressure,the filter’s patented back washing valve system diverts a portion of the clean water produced by the system to the filter unit under going back washing.This reverse flow of filtered water frees contaminants from the filter screens.Each filter canister is sequentially back washed until the entire system is cleaned.

Automatic Dual Monitoring:This filtration system is automatically monitored either one lapsed time since the last back washing or pressure differential.This results in a low pressure drop and consistent high quality produced water.

Long-Lasting Construction:The Automatic Back washing Screen Filter is built for years of durable,trouble-free service.The filter canisters are constructed of carbon steel,which is fusion epoxy lined as a standard feature.The carbon steel manifolds and the cast iron back wash valve are also fusion epoxy lined.

Easy field Service:A patented back wash valve features stainless steel valve trim and a field-replaceable polyurethane valve sealing element.The back wash valves also feature external lubrication fittings for easy field service.In fact,the unit is totally field rebuild-able.



  • Heavy-duty,durable,low-cost automatic screen filtration system.
  • Flowratesfrom57to450m3/hr.
  • Standard maximum operating pressure:10Bar.
  • Rugged,permanent,stainless steel wedge wire screens avails- bleinsizes420,300,180,150or105micron.
  • Vertical configurations available for limited space applications.
  • Large screen are a provides long runs between back wash cycles.
  • Filtered,clean water back washing automatically initiated by time or pressure differential.
  • Flanged inletand outlet configuration.
  • Optional solar package and DC latching solenoid available. Solar package includes a solar panel,battery pack,metering system,wiring harness and enclosure box.
  • No moving parts inside the filter canister to wear out.
  • Stainless steel filter cartridge requires no maintenance.