Central Control Systems

Rain Bird® Offers These Central Control Systems:

Cirrus™central control system in corp orates Computer-Aided Design(CAD)drawings
generated by GPS technology and CAD,which allows you to see your course like no other central control system can.With state-of-the-art ET-based scheduling,customized course graphics and multiple mapping options,Cirrus makes controlling your irrigation system fast and easy.

Nimbus™ II

For a superior combination of ET-based scheduling,advanced flow management and Windows based simplicity, Nimbus™ II is an excellent choice to efficiently control all irrigation applications on up to three individual courses with a maximum of 36 holes.

Stratus™ II
For easy-to-use, time-or ET-based scheduling there’s really only one choice—Stratus™ II—the one irrigation central control system that combines the point-and-click simplicity of Windows® with intuitive Rain Bird features to control up to as many as 27 holes.

Stratus™ LT

With Stratus™ LT you can almost immediately begin to manage all the irrigation applications on one 18-hole course — from the greens to the roughs — without having to become a computer expert or spend extensive time learning to operate the system. Stratus LT now supports ET-based scheduling with WS - PROLT and a weather software module.


All too often,superintendents or greens committees purchase a central control system that far exceeds the irrigation management requirements for their golf course.

Before deciding which central control system to purchase,think about the level of irrigation control you believe is necessary to maintain course appearance and play ability,while reducing water,labor and energy costs.Keep in mind,too,that all Rain Bird Central Controls are designed to be backward compatible so as the irrigation needs of your course change over time it is affordably easy to continually upgrade with the most advanced technology.

Refer to the chart on the right to compare the features and irrigation management tools provided with each of these systems.