Integrated Control TM Systems

Integrated Control TM Systems Rain Bird Integrated Control TM Systems A new level of performance-the controller built right into the rotor or valve.

Simple. Intelligent. For now. For the future.

After years of unrivaled leadership in irrigation technology,Rain Bird has done it again.Rain Bird is proud to introduce the IC™ System—Integrated Control System.The IC™ System combines the rotor or valve and the controller into one device for unmatched control.So simple.So intelligent. Control is built right in.

The IC™ System manages your irrigation operations today and provides for future development and expansion. IC Rotors and IC Valves are easily installed.Two simple splices make the connection.

The IC™ System—no field controllers,decoders,secondary wiring or unnecessary splices. Reducing many of the things that can breakdown,wear out or malfunction.

The new Rain Bird IC™ System — Now that’s intelligent!

Easier To Design

The IC™System is easier to design—only simple calculations are required.It eliminates an array of trouble some considerations— there are no satellite controllers to design around or conceal,and node coders to bury.The IC™System helps your design budget go further.


Easier To Install

The IC™System is easier to install—no need to manually enter addresses.With a simple swipe you can scan each IC Rotor and Valve.Two easy splices attach the unit to the MAXI™Wire.Because it requires less copper wire and fewer splices,the IC™System saves materials,labor and time.


Easier To Expand

The IC™System is easier to expand—IC Series Rotors and Valve scan be added almost any where there is MAXI Wire—up to an amazing capacity—3,000ICMsx8interfaces=24,000ICMs.All with superior 20kV surge protection.

More Reliable

The IC™System is a simple yet sophisticated controller/rotor/valve system built around a new generation of Rain Bird’s proven solenoid and satellite technology. Simplicity results in reliability. Easy to manage…consistent…dependable…the IC™ System offers reliable performance day after day,year after year.


Easier Maintenance

The IC™System is capable of intelligent two-way communication with each and every IC Module on the golf course.Almost all trouble shooting can be managed through intuitive diagnostics built in to the central control software.The learning curve for maintenance is minimal.Course technicians can easily accomplish most maintenance tasks.


Visually Appealing

Since Integrated Control Technology™ is built right into the rotor or valve,the entire control system is below ground.You no longer have to hide field controllers.The below ground system also offers protection against damage from vandalism, flooding and insects.