Pump Manager 2TM


Rain Bird®Pump Manager2 is engineered for the golf course professional looking to simplify pump control,monitoring and data reporting.

This powerful software application gives you full control of your pump station from your computer or central control.

Features and benefits

  • Pump Manager2 provides a direct link to the pump station touch screen so you can view and modify pump operations from your computer or tablet as though you were standing right in front of it.
  • Since all pump operation data is contained on your computer,Pump Manager2 and its built-in reporting capabilities can keep you apprised of operations,flow,water use and other key information.
  • Pump Manager2 includes common reports for future review or regulatory reporting.
  • For customized reporting,data can be exported in a file compatible with common spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft®Excel®.
  • Pump Manager2 is standard with ten different language options.
  • Pump Manager2 can be used with any stand-alone computer or fully integrated with Rain Bird’s many central control systems.
  • Best of all,PumpManager2isfullyintegratedwithRainBird’sexclusive central control feature,Smart Pump™.
  • Pump Manager2 can retrieve and manage data from multiple pump stations,allowing users to manage all the pump stations on their property.