The Freedom System TM


  • Provides remote communication with and operation of the Central Control system through telephone or radio(Radio Kit required).
  • Allows user to start,stop,pause and resume stations,areas,programs and schedules.
  • Allows user to manually turn system to off or auto mode.
  • External transformer 220V/12V with power cord included.
  • RS232 Serial cable for connection with PC included.
  • DirectconnectiontotelephonelinethroughstandardRJ11cable, included.(Requires direct out side phone line).


Freedom TM

Interface includes Phone and PC connecting cables. Shipped with external transformer.


Power supply: 220V/12V external transformer.
Connection to PC serial port: standard RS232 cable.
Connection to telephone line:
standard RJ11 phone cable.
Colored LED’s indicate:
Flashing green: power on Continuous green:active phone connection

Yellow: data in
Red: data out