Weather Station WS-PRO LT

Weather Station WS-PRO LT for automatic scheduling


Compatible  Modules

  • Automatic ET
  • Multiple Weather Station

Communication  options:

  • wireless2,4ghz radio up to 250mts
  • line of sight
  • hardwireupto6000mts

Power supplied required

  • 16 to 22 Vdc
  • optional solar panel

Temperature Range: -40° to +50°C

Air Temperature Sensor

  • Operating range: -40°to+50°C
  • Accuracy:±0,5°C

Relative Humidity Sensor

  • Operating range 0-100%
  • Accuracy ±6% - 90% to 100%

RH ±3% - 0% to 90% RH

Rain Gauge Sensor

  • Resolution1mm

Solar Radiation Sensor


Wind Direction Sensor

  • Range 360°mechanical,

356° electrical,

Wind Speed Sensor

  • Starting threshold 0,78ms-1

Product Features

  • Reliable Sensor Input–Rain Bird’s easy-to-install Weather Stations come equipped with a full sensor array which provides accurate measurement of six different types of weather data:
  • Air temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Solar radiation
  • Wind direction
  • Relative humidity
  • Rainfall
  • Superior ET Model–Rain Bird’s central control systems use weather sensor input to modify watering schedules by using the industry standard Penman-Monteith equation to determine evapo transpiration (ET) rates.
  • Automatic ET Download/Selective Usage–Automatically download weather data daily and calculate ET to determine irrigation times for the entire system or specific areas,holes or stations.
  • ET Override–Allows you to easily set certain programs to ignore ET values when determining run times.
  • Weather data reports–Generate reports to show current or past weather conditions by the hour,day,week,month or year.
  • Unlimited data storage–Store unlimited weather data at the Central Control.
  • Cost Savings–ET adjusted irrigation times apply only the water you need to replace the water lost from the soil reservoir.

    More efficient irrigation results in less water wasted for non-beneficial reasons resulting in reduced pump station operation,and lower energy costs.

  • Rain Bucket–Allows rain fall from one day to be carried over to the following day(s)form ore accurate ET calculations.
  • Multiple Station Capacity– Connect up to five weather stations to one central control system for more precise ET values based upon different weather conditions around the golf course.
  • Max Rain Fall–User defined Max Rain Fall can be set to limit the amount of acceptable rain fall for clay soil types.

NOTE: WS Pro LT will not generate alarms.



Rain Gauge


Collects rainfall information from field locations for use by the central control system.Requires sensor decoder to connect to Central Control system.

Product Features

-Accurate rain counter switch counts rain fall in 0,25mm increments
-Heavy-duty metal construction
-Mounting bracket.
-Debris screen
-diameter 10cm