Weather Station WS-PRO2

Weather Station WS-PRO2 for automatic scheduling and alarms


Compatible Modules

  • Automatic ET
  • Multiple Weather Station
  • Smart Weather Alarms Range

Communication options

  • Telephone
  • Hardwireupto6000mts

Power Supply Required

  • 9,6to16Vdc
  • Optional solar panel

Temperature Range

  • 25° to +50°C

Air Temperature Sensor

  • Operating range

-25° to +50°C

  • Accuracy ± 1.5°C

Relative Humidity Sensor

  • Operating 0-100%
  • Accuracy ±6% -90% to 100%RH
  • ±3% - 0% to 90% RH

Rain Gauge Sensor

  • Resolution0,25mm

Solar Radiation Sensor

  • Accuracy ±3%

Wind Direction Sensor

  • Range 360°mechanical,
  • Accuracy 356°electrical, ±4°

Wind Speed Sensor

  • Starting threshold 0,4ms-1

Product Features

  • Reliable Sensor Input

Equipped with a full sensor
array which provides accurate
measurement of six different
types of weather data:

  • Air temperature
  • Wind speed
  •  Solar radiation
  •  Wind direction
  • Relative humidity
  •  Rainfall
  • Superior Et Model

Rain Bird’s
central control systems
use weather sensor input
to modify watering schedules
by using the industry standard
Penman-Monteith equation
to determine evapo transpiration

  •  Automatic ET

Download/ Selective
Usage – Automatically download
weather data daily and calculate
ET to determine run times for the
entire system or specific areas,
holes or stations.

  • ET Override – Allows you

to easily set certain programs to
ignore ET values when determining
run times.

  • Cost Savings – ET adjusted

run times apply only the water you
need to replace the water lost from
the soil reservoir.More efficient
irrigation results in less water
wasted for non-beneficial reasons
resulting in reduced pump station
operation,and lower energy costs.

  • Rain Bucket – Allows rain

fall from one day to be carried
over to the following day(s)form
ore accurate run time calculations.

  • Multiple Station Capacity

Connect up to five weather stations
to one central control system form
ore precise ET values based upon
different weather conditions around
the golf course.

  • Max Rain Fall – User-defined

Max Rain Fall can be set to limit the
amount of acceptable rainfall for clay
soil types or other areas that are
subject to high run off.

  • Generate Alarm for...
  • Rain
  • High or Low Ambient


  • High Winds
  • Rain fall Intensity
  • Soil Temperatures... that exceed

user-defined thresholds in
user-defined time periods.

  • Automatic Shut Off/Turn On

Rain Bird central control systems
automatically shut OFF irrigation to
the entire system or to specific
areas (tee box, fairway, green, etc…)
when alarm conditions are detected
at the weather station. They also
automatically turn ON irrigation
when weather conditions return
to the acceptable range for

  • Automatic Pause/Resume

Rain Bird central control systems
automatically suspend irrigation
to the entire system or specific areas
(tee box, fairway, greens, etc…) when
alarm conditions are detected by the
weather station. They also
automatically resume irrigation
when weather conditions return
to the acceptable range for

  • Automatic Notification – The

WS PRO2 weather station can
automatically notify you at the
central control when alarm
conditions exist.

  • Weather data reports – Generate

reports to show current or past
weather conditions by the hour,
day,week, month or year.

  • Unlimited data storage –Store

unlimited weather data at the
Central Control.

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