EAGLE™351B Series

The first golf-quality short-throw irrigation rotor.

Residential - grade landscaping rotors eventually crack under the pressure of golf course irrigation systems,but the EAGLE 351 Bis more durable than any other short- throw rotor,and it has a five-year warranty(when installed with a RainBird®s wing joint)to backup
that performance pledge.

With an ideal adjustable range for tee boxes,small greens,and other limited irrigation areas,the EAGLE 351 Buses a nozzle technology that exceeds all other brands,specifically designed for efficient water distribution.
Control the arc with a flat head screwdriver,without turning the case, for precision coverage in tiny spaces.
Sturdy,accurate,made just for go lf course irrigation systems— the EAGLE 351B is the short solution to a long-time need, guaranteed.


  • Radius: 5.5m to17.1m
  • Arc:360° in full - circle mode,adjustable from 50° to 330° in part - circle mode
  • FlowRate: 0.11to0.98l/s


  • EAGLE™351B:SEAL-A-MATIC™device
  • Maximum inlet pressure:6.9bars
  • Recommended Operating Pressure: 4.1 bars to 5.5bars


  • Full-Circle Mode:360°≤180seconds;120secondsnominally
  • Inlet Threads:1“(2.5cm)ACME
  • Hold back:3.1mofelevation
  • Nozzle Trajectory: 17° and25°
  • Maximum Stream Height:4.0m


  • Body Height:24.5cm
  • Top Diameter:10.8cm
  • Pop-Up Height to Mid-Nozzle:8.3cm

* XX: Nozzle size 18M, 26M, 30M, 36M, 18, 22, 26, 30, 36, 40, 44, 48, 54

*For best results, recommended for use in triangular spacing only.
All data are generated from tests conducted in accordance with ASAE Standard S398.1 for at least 30 minutes in zero-wind conditions. Rain Bird recommends the use of SPACE for Windows,equivalent program or derived performance data to optimize nozzle selection.