Eagle’s Tail


The EAGLE's Tail is designed to irrigate areas behind part-circle rotors installed on greens.They area lso ideal for situations where the rotor is offset from the edge of a lake,stream,or slope. In certain instances, part-circle EAGLE rotors equipped with the EAGLE's Tail have replaced full-circle rotors on fair ways,which allows the superintendent to minimize the amount of water required and not water native grasses in perimeter areas.

What’s Included

  • Nozzle Housing for 550,or 950,equipped with EAGLE's Tail nozzle
  • 751 all needed is removing plug and inserting Tail Nozzle
  • Housing cover
  • Retract seal(round ring at top of nozzle housing)
  • 2O-ringsforthescrews
  • Instruction Card

How to Specify/Order:


Part No.

750/751 Spreader Nozzle - Mid-range (Blue)


750/751 Spreader Nozzle - Mid-range (Black)


750/751 Spreader Nozzle - Mid-range (Black) w/ diff user


RAIN BIRD 751E rotor with tail nozzle pre-installed


NOTE: 1/ Recommended for use on sites experiencing continuous high wind conditions of 6.5km/h or more. 2/ For best results,it is recommended to use rotors in triangular spacing. 3/ The range and flow data is from zero-wind condition only.Users should apply their experience and judgement to reduce the range of throw and space the rotors suitably according to the local wind conditions.