Swing Joints

When installed with a Rain Bird® swing joint, Rain Bird Rotors have a five-year warranty!






Standard Model

ACME Outlet



BSP to ACME Adapters


Lengths: 12" (30,5 cm) and 18" (45,7 cm)

Inlet Type: BSP

Outlet Thread Type: ACME

Pressure Rating: 21,7 bars to 22,8˚C

Outlet Configuration: Single-top or triple-top


Benefits of ACME Threads

  • ACME threads do not require Teflon tape.
  • Independent seal-The threads seal with a no -ring that engages after approximately two complete turns of the rotor. Another four or more complete turns can then be added to allow the installer to level and align the rotor without fear of causing a leak at the threads.
  • The wiping action of the o-ring seal makes ACME threads more debris resistant
  • ACME threads have less risk of frost he ave damage because the threads allow for movement in freezing conditions.
  • The ACME thread is designed to leak before disengaging if it is accidentally unscrewed under pressure.This safety feature warns the operator to turnoff the water pressure before continuing.

Product Features

  • Superior Flow Characteristics- An innovative swept-elbow design*reduces pressure loss by 50 percent over others wing joints.
  • Excellent Structural Integrity- Reduces the costs associated with fatigue- related failures.
  • Double O-ring Protection- Provides a better seal to ensure that joints are kept clean and can be re positioned easily.
  • Color- coding and Distinct Size Markings- Reduce costs by eliminating errors and improving installation efficiency with quick size identification at the job site.
  • Oversized Thread ed Inlets - Make hand-tightening and blind installations (underwater)easier.This also reduces the risk of potential damage caused by over-tightening with a wrench.
  • An available triple-top outlet configuration allows for easier adjustments when turf height changes or rotors settle - MIt also provides greater flexibility insetting the rotor to the grade.

*Patent pending

How to Specify/Order:

How to Specify/Order:


  • Install a new ACME Rotor on an existing BSP/BSP swing joint:
  • Change the outlet-elbow and replace by an ACME outlet-elbow
  • Add a BSP to ACME adapters–Just screw it right on top of your BSP swing joint and screw the ACME case to the adapter.
    The adapter only adds about 5 cm to the installed height of the rotor and is rated to the same operating pressures as the Swing Joints.
  • Install a BSP rotor or quick coupling valve on as wing joint:
  • 1” BSP/BSP swing joints available
  • Change the outlet-elbow and replace by a BSP outlet-elbow

Accessories for retrofit

  • ACME outlet-elbows:1”,1”¼,1”½
  • BSP outlet-elbows:1”,1”¼,1”½
  • BSP female to ACME male adapters: 1”BSP-1”ACME, 1”¼ BSP-1”¼ ACME, 1”½ BSP-1”½ACME