PAR+ES Decoder Controllers


PAR+ES Decoder Controller:
Station Capacity: 72 decoder addresses, maximum 12 solenoids operating simultaneously (50 Hz)
Configurations:  Standalone, two-wire, LINK and LINK with Radio
Electrical Input: (50/60 Hz)

115 VAC Nominal 98 – 132 VAC
220 VAC Nominal 208 – 232 VAC
240 VAC Nominal 225 – 255 VAC

Electrical Output: 26.5 VAC, 5.25 AMP
Station Load Capacity: Up to two Rain Bird 24VAC solenoids per station depending on decoder type:
Coils per station

Plastic Pedestal Dimensions:

Width: 16" (40,6 cm)
Height: 36" (91,4 cm)

Programs: No limit with Rain Bird Central Control Systems. Six(6)automatic(12start times each)and two(2)manual in stand alone mode
Water Budget: 0 – 200% in 10% increments

Station Run times: 1 – 120 minutes, in 1 minute increments
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch
Grounding Requirements:  Less than 10 ohms
Compliance: UL & C-UL Listed, CE approved, C-Tick Compliant and FCC
Max Wire Length Between Controller and Decode(with decoders evenly distributed):

# 2.5mm2
Star Design 4 km
Loop Design 16 km

Max Wire Length Between Decoder and Rotor: 200m(2.5mm²)with FD-101,FD-102,FD-202&FD-401-100m(2.5mm²)withFD-601
Max Wire Paths: Four (4), plus multiple branches per wire path



The PAR+ES Decoder Controller combines the features and benefits of a satellite controller system with those of a decoder system.
Benefits for the user include:

  • Easy Installation
  • Reduced Installation Costs
  • Easy Expansion

The concept is simple:
1)  Install the PAR+ES Decoder controller.
2)  Install the secondary wire path.

  • Uses up to 90 percent fewer wires than conventional hard wire systems.
  • Built-in diagnostic tools.
  • Compatible with all Rain Bird Golf Decoders
    (i.e. FD-101, FD-102, FD-202, FD-401 and FD-601).
  • Operates as a stand alone controller or add a Rain Bird Central Control System for greater control.
  • Operates up to 72 decoder addresses.