Rain Bird System Cable/DBR/Y-6





  • Solid bare copper conductors.
  • Core insulation:0,7mmPolyethylene(black and red).
  • Blue Polyethylene Outer Sheath.


  • European standard : CEI60502-1.
  • Cable approved by Rain Bird for all Control System types: ESP-LXD, GOTM, StratusTM LT, StratusTM II, NimbusTM II,CirrusTM.
  • Number of conductors,cross section: 2x2,5mm2.
  • Maximum current*:
  • Buried: 46A,
  • Open air: 33.
  • U (cos j = 0,8): 14,8 V/A/km.
  • Outside Ø:
  • mini9,5mm.
  • maxi 11,5mm.
  • Weight: 162kg/km.


*Based on ambient temperature of 20°C for buried cable or30°C for cable in he open air or always carrying power.






Used for electrical connections in low voltage installations(<30V).
One unique reference,up to 3 wires sized 4mm2. Waterproof.

Ease of Use:

  • Connect solid or stranded copper wire.
  • Transparent body–Help to check if electrical connections are correctly made.


  • The DBR/Y-6 kit includes a Performance Plus Wire Connector(R/Y+) and a high impact,UV resistant polypropylene tube pre-filled with moisture resistant grease.



•    Maximum wire voltage: 30V



•    DBR/Y-6kit