Satellite Conversion Kit

To convert any type of 12-station satellites or controllers,(elector-mechanical, ToroVari time,stand alone controller,etc…)into a compatible decoder system(Stratus™LT,Stratus™II,Nimbus™II,Cirrus™,ESP-LXD.

The Satellite Conversion Kit is a simple electric boards in a plastic box including:

  • 12 relays
  • Decoders pre assembled
  • 1 connect or for decoder signal cable
  • 1 connect or for 12 out puts to the stations
  • 4 commons and the 24volt input(phase and neutral).

The Kit can use the 24 volts coming from the satellite transformer or from any 24 volt AC power supply.

No transformer included.

The kit works with decoders (included).



  • Number of contacts per relay: 1NO
  • Nominal intensity per relay:10A



  • Max intensity per relay: 20A
  • Nominal power per relay: 2500VA
  • Type of contact: AgNi
  • Solenoid: Voltage6VDC-55Ohms
  • Power: 0,65W
  • Insulation resistance: 102Ohm
  • Temperature: -40 to+70°C
  • Connections: Printed board
  • Size(mm): 300mm x 230mm x 87mm


How to Specify/Order:

Satellite Conv. Kit PN: J00111


Decoder for golf central control systems operating with satellites



Connected to a Pulse Flow Meter,sends the pulse back to the computer via the field interface(MIM).

  • Flow control,SEEF(Searchand Eliminate Extra Flow), instant flow measurement, (Cirrus only).
  • Type off low meter to be used:All types of flow meters sending dry No voltage,no frequency.

Model : DECPUL



To connect any type of sensor to the interface(MIM). Rain sensor,moisture sensor,pump alarm,etc.

  • Connected to the 2-wire path, the sensor will communicate to the computer all sensor status changes.
  • Used to start,stop,pause or resume irrigation programs.

Model : DECSEN