SD-210Sensor/Surge Arrest or/Pulse decoder

SD-210 Sensoror Pulse decoder for golf central control systems operating with decoders


Connected to a Pulse Flow Meter,sends the pulse back to the computer via the field interface(MDI/SDI).

  • Use: flow control,SEEF(Search and Eliminate Extra Flow),instant flow measurement.
  • Type off low meter to be used: All types off low meters sending dry contact pulses.No voltage,no frequency.


Used to connect any type of sensor to the Golf Central Control Systems. Examples:Rain sensor,moisture sensor,pump alarm,etc.Connected to the 2-wire path,the sensor will communicate to the computer all sensor status changes.
Used to start, stop, pause or resume irrigation programs.


LSP-1 Surge Arrestor                                                       


  • Field line surge protection for Decoder Systems. Unique RB feature.
  • For field installation,please contact your Rain Bird distributor.


PD-210 Pump Decoder


  • The PD-210 can control either 1 pump or an entire pump station.
  • The PD-210 can also control a booster pump.



Input: Signal line from ESP-LXD,Stratus TMLT, STRATUS™II,NIMBUS™II and CIRRUS™ Decoder versions.
Output: Dry contact 5A, normally open or normally closed.