Markers And Targets

Practice Range Sign

£39.82£276.52 ex VAT
£92.50 ex VAT
£55.00 ex VAT
£157.50 ex VAT
£30.00 ex VAT

Ball Collectors

Ranger Bag Shag Red

£25.00 ex VAT

Ball Trays

Ball Trays Rubber

£29.00 ex VAT

Ball Trays

Ball Trays Zinc

£10.00 ex VAT
£35.00£325.00 ex VAT
£22.50£75.00 ex VAT
£82.50 ex VAT
£24.50 ex VAT
£12.90£32.40 ex VAT

Hole Cup Accessories

Cam Cup Lifter/Setter

£49.50 ex VAT
£8.50£67.00 ex VAT


Welcome to Golf Mats UK. We specialise in supplying Golf Clubs and their Green Keepers with equipment that includes winter  tee  mats,  practice  nets,  tee  markers  and  boxes,  flags, signage  and  golf  course  accessories,  furniture  and  specialist cutting tools. 

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We are now suppliers of irrigation from some of the biggest names in the UK and Globally. Some of the names we now deal with are Rain Bird, Hunter, Toro, Plasson, Lowara and Astore, to name just a few. So, whatever you use, we should be able to help and at a very competitive price.

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At Golf Mats UK we are pleased to say that we can supply the keen golfer, and we have a huge number of happy people, now able to practice their game in their own home. 
However, we can also help the gardener, or homemaker, who is after new garden furniture. 
Don't forget, this furniture is perfect at any golf course or club...

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